The Rat, The Race and The Cage

The Rat, the Race, and the Cage

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Too many employees today are stuck in jobs they don’t like, but are too scared to leave.  In The Rat, the Race, and the Cage, CEO and career mentor Thomas Ellsworth helps readers build a “personal career compass” that can point them toward a more enjoyable and fulfilling career, based on skills, industry options and types of companies.

In easy-to-understand terms, The Rat, the Race, and the Cage offers a way to analyze your job situation and chart the best course for your future.  It presents a simple model for understanding and organizing three components of your job: your function, the industry in which you work, and the company for whom you work. Analyzing these three areas will help you define your individual goals and thus point you toward a more enjoyable and fulfilling career.

The Rat, the Race, and the Cage is about finding direction, whether you’re a college grad or caught in a mid-career rut. What you do for a living can be more than just a way to pay the bills.  You can find fulfillment and personal satisfaction in your work by following the method described in the book.

Fire your job and hire a new career!

“In today’s unstable job market, the worker must be proactive in analyzing their job satisfaction and career opportunities. The author has skillfully and with clarity identified variables that assist the process of obtaining job satisfaction. ‘The Rat, the Race and the Cage’presents a simple ‘personal career compass’of how one can take control of their own career destiny. Well done and timely.”

Harold C. Taber, Jr.
Director of Mentoring,
Crowell School of Business at Biola University

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